FINN, David A.

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FINN, David A. ( -1926)

In the News~

September 29, 1926 [TI/Avalon]: “The metropolitan press reports the disappearance here on Monday, September 20th, of one David A. Finn, of 1901 Argyle Avenue, Hollywood, who is believed to have been drowned. According to reports he registered at the Hermosa Hotel on the Friday preceeding, and on Monday announced that he was going rowing on the bay. The boat which he rented was found Tuesday about five miles from Avalon, containing his clothes, in which was a passport dated 1922, and some personal correspondence. Finn, according to Deputy Sheriff Hotz, was promoting a beach club on the mainland called San Souci. On Wednesday friends of the man came to Catalina, engaged a copule of launches, and made extensive search in hopes of discovering the body of the man, who is supposed either to have been drowned while bathing, or to have committed suicide by voluntarily drowing himself. Up to the time of going to press with this issue we have not received any additional reports.”