FRYE, Alfred "Again"

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FRYE, Alfred "Again" (1839-1936) was born on March 2, 1839 in North Haven, Maine. He married Francena “Fanny” Pettee (1840-1898), born December 13, 1840 in Goldsboro, Maine.

Alfred "Again" Frye (1839-1902) = Francena “Fanny” Pettee (1840-1898)

  • Julia Frye (1856-1860) born and died in Maine
  • Alice Frye (1859- 1863) born in Maine, died in Santa Barbara County
  • Alexis Everett Frye (1859-1936)
  • Lambert Pettee Frye (1861-1936) born on Santa Cruz Island

According to family history, Alfred "Again" Frye and his wife, Fanny, lived for a long time on Santa Cruz Island: “at the place being known as Frye’s Harbor or Fry’s Cove. Here their son Lambert was born on November 6, 1861, he being the first [and only?] white child born on the Santa [Cruz] Island. Lambert was carried from Catalina Island [Santa Cruz Island?] (when about 4 or 5 years old) to Santa Barbara and went to school in a mission there. A wealthy Spanish resident offered to make Lambert heir to a large tract of land if he would adopt Roman Catholic faith. A playmate told Lambert he would have to eat a spoonful of salt if he joined the church and so the boy, Lambert, refused to join.”

Lambert “Bert” Frye = [1886] Lillie May Niece [Neece] (1870-1958) of Sidney, Iowa lived in Arizona and in Highland, California.

  • 1. daughter (1887-1887)
  • 2. Alfred Lambert Frye (1888-1959) [of Bakersfield]
  • 3. Francina May Frye (1890-1962) [Mrs. E. W. Narramore of Oakland]
  • 4. daughter (1892-1892)
  • 5. George Francis Frye (1893-1954) [of Chandler, AZ]
  • 6. Catherine Gertrude Frye [Decrastos Wight] (1895-1980) [of Long Beach]
  • 7. Susie Irene Frye [Henry Oswald](1903-1984) [of Africa]

Fry's Harbor Santa Cruz Island

Lambert Frye was named for Henry Lambert of Carpinteria, a friend of his father, Alfred. Henry Lambert (33), is listed in the 1870 Santa Barbara census as a fisherman, born in New York c. 1837. His spouse is Catherine Lambert. Children are: Alice (6), Lizzie (3) and Norman (2).

In 1863 Alfred Frye of Santa Barbara was in the retail liquor sales business, according to U.S. IRS Tax Assessment lists.

The Fryes are buried in Arizona.

In the News~

January 28, 1936 [Arizona Republic]: “George Frye's Father Dies. Chandler—Bert Frye, Arizona pioneer, died late Sunday night at the home of his son, George Frye, Maricpos County Supervisor. Mr. Frye was born November 2, 1861, on Santa Catalina Island, being the first white child born there. He came to Graham County, Arizona in 1873, and had lived there almost continuously until 2-½ years ago when he came to Chandler to make his home with his son. ”