Farallon (No. 120724)

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Farallon (#120724) (1888-1910), 158.5-foot 700-ton wooden steamer built in 1888 in San Francisco to compete with the powerful Pacific Coast Steamship Company’s fleet. On June 4, 1892 she delivered a large load of lumber to Santa Cruz Island valued at $1951. Farallon was wrecked at the head of Cook Inlet, Alaska on January 2, 1910 under ownership of the Alaska Steamship Company. [Sp., farallon = small rocky island in the sea].

In the News~

March 27, 1891 [DAC]: “By telegraph. Memorandum per Farallon. Was anchored 2-1/2 days under Santa Rosa Island in heavy NW gale.”

November 19, 1891 [SBMP]: “The steamer Farallon from San Diego, stopped in port yesterday morning to take aboard John More. The steamer left for Santa Rosa Island to get a cargo of wool for San Francisco.”

November 19, 1891 [LAT/SB]: “The steamer Farallon of San Francisco came into port yesterday at noon. This vessel is on the way to Santa Rosa Island to secure the wool clip of A. P. More, said to be the largest of any clip on earth from one band of sheep.”

November 23, 1891 [SFCall]: “In from Sea. Farallon from Santa Rosa Island. Steamer Farallon, 758-1/2 sacks wool, 17 bundles pelts, 100 hogs, to A. P. More.”

November 23, 1891 [SFCall]: “Arrived. Sunday, November 22. Steamer Farallon, [Captain] Bonifield, 30 hours from Santa Rosa Island; 758-1/2 sacks wool; 17 bundles pelts; 100 hogs, to A. P. More.”