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Favorita (fl. 1787) , Spanish frigate; Captain Jose de Cañizares; owner Spanish government. Between 1787-1789, the California otter trade met with approval of Mexican authorities under a revised plan and rules. In November 1787, Favorita and San Carlos took a joint cargo of 1750 otter skins to San Blas. Of these, 1,133 were received at San Diego from the Lower California missions. Monterey with 220 skins and Santa Barbara with 166 were the largest contributors in Upper California. From San Blas the skins were sent overland to Mexico City to be dressed. From there they were placed in pitch-covered boxes to preserve them from moths, and transported to a waiting Manila galleon at Acapulco.

Few skins were obtained in 1788.

Favorita Sailing schedule:
______, San Blas;
October 6, at Monterey
October 23, arrived Santa Barbara;
November 25, at San Diego;
______, San Blas

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