Fence, Santa Rosa Island

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Fence, Santa Rosa Island, a triangulation station established in 1934 by Robert W. Knox. It was located:

“on the top of a small knoll that detaches itself from the main bluff line about 4 miles southeast of the west end of the island. Here a wire fence that makes up from the beach on the south side of the island ascends to the top of the mesa on the west wall of a water canyon, the second large canyon from the west end of the island. The top of this knoll is bald and very prominent from all southerly directions. The station is 2 feet west of the fence line. This fence line crosses the ridge near station Farrell and runs across the island about north by east. The best way to reach the station is to make a boat landing at Cluster Point and make west along the shore to the fence line.”

The station was marked with a standard disk. This triangulation station appears on the Santa Rosa Island West topographic map. UTM 10: North 3,761,243 East 759,446].