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Fishhawk (#) (-1891)

In the News~

June 20, 1892 [LAT/SB]: “Thrilling adventure of two seal hunters at sea… Joe Olivas and Colice Vasquez left Santa Barbara some four or five weeks ago in a small sailboat called the Fishhawk for the islands to fish for seals. They had been moderately successful and had perhaps $100 worth of seal products on board when, on passing from Santa Cruz to Santa Clara [Rosa] Island the bottom came out of their boat and it sank, the two men escaping in a small skiff. This they also lost in making the landing in the surf. They lost their entire outfit- guns, clothing, provisions, everything, barely escaping with their lives.”

'December 13, 1898 [SBMP]: “...Rosaline [Vasquez] has been the survivor of three wrecks in the Santa Barbara Channel, but has always escaped unhurt. In 1890, he was the only one saved from Captain Ellis' Undine when the vessel capsized six miles off Santa Cruz Island. The year following he was with the Fishhawk when she was wrecked on Santa Rosa. And now he lives to tell the story of the Helenes wreck...”