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Flora (#) (fl. 1880s)

In the News~

July 3, 1880 [LAH]: “Arrived at San Pedro July 1st, sloop Flora, Perry master, from Clemente Island with cargo of abalone shells for I. Morrison.”

September 14, 1880 [LAH]: “Arrived at Wilmington September 11th, sloop Flora, [Captain] Perry master, from Clemente Island with cargo of shells.”

September 26, 1880 [LAH]: “Sailed September 23rd, sloop Flora, Perry, Master, for Santa Barbara Island, fishing.”

August 30, 1882 [LAH]: “Sailed, August 28th, Schooner Rosita and sloop Flora, for Catalina.”

July 14, 1891 [SDU]: “A Smuggler. The Sloop Flora Seized by Customs Officials. Ottawa (Ont.), July 13.—The Collector of Customs at Victoria informs the department of the seizure near that point of the sloop Flora of Seattle, Wash., for neglecting to report inward. A fine of $400 was imposed. Two customs officials located the vessel in a cove a few miles from Victoria and hailed her. A man appeared on deck asking what they wanted. They expressed a desire to see him, and he pulled within twenty feet of the beach in a skiff and then demanded their business. Learning that they were customs officers, he started back to the ship, but they covered him with revolvers and compelled him to take them to the sloop. They found that the vessel was a smuggler, having sixteen Chinamen on board who were to be landed on the United States shore. If the fine is not paid in thirty days the vessel will be confiscated and sold to the highest bidder.”