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Flying Mist (#) (-)

In the News~

March 2, 1877 [SBDP]: “The schooner Flying Mist sails on her otter-hunting expedition this afternoon.”

March 12, 1878 [SBMP]: “The schooners Alexander and Flying Mist will shortly leave for the sea otter hunting grounds.”

September 29, 1879 [SBMP]: “The schooner Flying Mist arrived yesterday and has sailed for lower California on a hunting and trading expedition.”

September 30, 1879 [SBMP]: “The schooner Flying Mist is still in the harbor.”

October 3, 1879 [SBMP]: “The schooner Flying Mist sailed yesterday for Santa Cruz Island.”

December 27, 1879 [SBWP]: “The schooner Flying Mist, which left here about three months ago on a hunting expedition to the coast of Lower California, passed up day before yesterday. One of the crew, who came ashore here, reports an unprofitable trip. Only thirteen otter skins were secured, and the animals seem to have deserted the lower coast. But fifteen were seen during the entire trip, of which all but two were secured, so that the want of success could not be attributed to the lack of skill ton.”