Ford Point, Santa Rosa Island

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Ford Point, Santa Rosa Island (The Wreck) is located on the island’s southeast quarter to the east of Johnson’s Lee. The nickname “The Wreck,” comes from the 1894 stranding of the Crown of England. A large white sand dune is on the west end of the area.

The 1934 description of survey station Borrego states:

“the best way to reach the station is to make a boat landing at Ford Point where there is a large whitewashed steam boiler, and make west along the bluffs to the east bank of the Wreck Canyon. Turn right up the hill to the station.”

The point itself is a low, rocky promontory. Offshore offers only a temporary anchorage in the lee of its small point. This place name appears on the Santa Rosa Island South topographic map.

Back country beach camping along the south shore of the island is allowed mid-August through December and requires a permit, which can be obtained through Channel Islands National Park. In addition to Officers Beach, there are several beaches along the south shore of the island that have potential for beach camping, including San Augustin Canyon, Ford Point and La Jolla Vieja Canyon. Ford Point, with its large white sand dune, is the largest of the three. Beach camping is only allowed in the sandy areas, above the tide line, that are free of dune vegetation.