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Fortuna (#) (-)

In the News~

August 18, 1904 [SBMP]: “Happenings at Pelican Bay. Quite a fleet of vessels anchored in the bay Tuesday. The steamer Pasadena, with 300 head of island sheep on board bound for San Francisco, the island schooner Santa Cruz, yacht Pride, launch Fortuna and sloop Alpha from San Pedro...”

March 22, 1905 [SBMP]: “Henry Short is still dragging the ocean for the engine and wrecks of several launches that went down in the storm. He has encountered a great deal of kelp in his search, but has not been able to locate his Chispa, the Fortuna, or the engines of the Pride, and the Coquita.”

March 28, 1905 [SBMP]: “Henry Short has after a week's hard work in dragging the bottom of the ocean, located his launch Chispa, which was sunk by the late storm. It was found 300 feet away from the wharf and 100 feet from where it had sunk. It is reported that the Fortuna has also been found on the bottom of the ocean. The Chispa will be raised today.”