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Franconia (#) (1874-1881), three-masted ship built by Moses V. Williams in Bath, Maine. Franconia had been engaged for seven years as a general trader to South America, India, and ports in the Far East before she was wrecked on South Farallon Island under Capt. William H. Otis in 1881 in a dense fog. All crew survived. Otis had been her master since at least 1876.

In the News~

June 24, 1881 [Farallon Island Logbook, National Archives]: “Ship Franconia from New York bound for San Francisco struck on the NW side of island at 2 A.M. Struck Middle Rock first then head SE in a dense fog. Ship is a total loss. Very little of her cargo will be saved. Commanded by Captain Wm. M. Otis. Crew numbered 22. None lost.”

June 27, 1881 [Farallon Island Logbook, National Archives]: “Tug Wizard arrived here at 8 A.M. Left at 12:30 P.M. taking Capt. Otis and wife and ship's crew, 22 in all. W. C. Partlow [Lighthouse keeper] accompanying them.”

June 27, 1881 [SBMP]: “The Loss of the Franconia. San Francisco, June 27.—Late this afternoon a tug returned from the Farallones, having on board the captain and crew of the Franconia. THe ship is rapidly breaking up, and with her cargo will be a total loss. The insurance on her cargo, effected in San Francisco, amounts to $110,405. “

June 27, 1881 [NYT]: “A New York ship wrecked. San Francisco, June 26.—The ship Franconia has gone ashore on South Farallon Island, near the entrance to this harbor, and will prove a total loss. A dense fog prevented the island from being seen. The Franconia is from New York, with a cargo of general merchandise. The crew are safe on the island, and are saving what they can from the wreck. Several tugs went out to render aid, but could do nothing, and have returned.”