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Freda (#209086) (1911-1915), 13 ton (gross tonnage) vessel stranded at San Clemente Island on January 29, 1915 with two persons on board. One life was lost. [MVUS 1915]

In the News~

February 2, 1915 [San Pedro Daily News ]: “Robert White, a member of the local Longshoremen's Union, arrived this morning on the Monarch from Catalina bringing the sad news of the drowning of Amos Moyer on Friday, January 29, 1915 at San Clemente Island. White and Moyer were at the Islands crawfishing, and last Friday during the terrible storm they were out in their launch Freda, looking for shelter, when they discovered that their rudder had broken and was absolutely useless. In a short time their engine stopped and they were at the mercy of the waves and wind. The wind drove them hard upon the rocks off shore of San Clemente Island, the Freda over turned as a huge breaker broke directly over them. Moyer jumped free and swam for shore, but grabbed for the wreckage. He was soon beaten off the wreck and sank under the beating of the waves. Amos Moyer was nineteen years old and a son of Geo. Moyer, City pile driver. They made their home at Wilmington. Moyer has been in and about San Pedro for many years and is well known on the water front. The launch Freda, which is a total wreck, belonged to Geo. Moyer.”

February 2, 1915 [LAH]: “Storm capsizes launch, boy drowns. Amos Moyer, 19, of Wilmington, was drowned when the 38-foot launch, Freda, crawfishing, was sunk in the storm off Smugglers' Beach, San Clemente Island, according to a report made by Robert White, Myoer's companion, to the police today. White said he saved himself by swimming ashore. He landed at the Los Angeles harbor today on the launch Monarch.

February 2, 1915 [LAH]: “Waves wreck launch. Makes shore after hard fight with storm-tossed combers. The thrilling tale of how two men battled in the storm off San Clemente Island in a disabled fishing launch, how one of them was drowned and the other was saved, was brought to the Los Angeles harbor police today by Robert White, the survivor of San Pedro. The dead youth was Amos Moyer, 19 of Wilmington. Moyer's father owned the wrecked launch, a 38-foot power boat, used in crawfishing off San Clemente. White said he and young Moyer went to the island some time ago, crawfishing. "We were camped at Smugglers' Beach," said White, "and last Friday we set out in our boat, the Freda, crawfishing. "The storm struck us while we were running off Smugglers' Beach. It was a fierce, wild storm and kicked up a tremendous sea. "Suddenly a wave smashed our rudder and another wave soaked the engine. The engine went dead." "Without rudder or power our boat was pitched and tossed like a cork, helpless on the raging sea. A great wave capsized the launch. I saw that it would sink and called to Moyer to swim for shore. "Moyer clung to the overturned launch, which, beaten about in the roaring sea, soon sank. Moyer disappeared with it. "I made shore safely and came back to Los Angeles harbor on the fishing launch Monarch.”

February 3, 1915 [SF Chronicle]: “Amos Moyer, 19 years old, was drowned off San Clemente Island during the gale last night. Robert White, who was crawfishing with Moyer, reported the death to the police today. He said their power boat was capsized by a huge wave and Moyer went down with it. White swam ashore.”