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GARBINI, Arthur (1921-1971), an electrical contractor from Cupertino, California who was killed in a freak accident on Santa Cruz Island when he was struck by the wing of a plane landing at Christy Ranch. Garbini had been on the island hunting wild boar for three days and was preparing to leave. He had walked out onto the airstrip to take a picture of the approaching plane when he was struck and killed instantly.

In the News~

February 10, 1971 [SBNP]: “A Cupertino man was killed on Santa Cruz Island when the wing of a flying airplane struck him in the head, the sheriff’s office reported today. Arthur Garbini, 49, a member of a hunting party on the island, was struck by the plane coming to pick up the group as the aircraft made a routine pass over the island airstrip preparatory to landing late Wednesday. Don Scott of Oxnard, the pilot, told officers he was following normal procedure by making a pass to check for animals or debris on the landing strip when he heard a loud bang come from one of his wings. As a banked into the air he saw the body of a man lying on the runway. Sam Garbini, brother of the victim, was also a member of the three-man hunting party. He told officers his brother had left his position by the barn near the landing strip, apparently to take a photograph of the approaching plane, and was struck when the plane passed. The body was taken to Ventura.”