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Avalon Cemetery, Santa Catalina Island

GEMILERE Family, Santa Catalina Island, the children of Frenchman, Fortunato Gemilere of Marseilles, France.

Gemilere's boatyard at Pebbly Beach; at Hamilton Beach.

1900 U.S. Census George Gemilere is brother-in-law of Vincent Moricich, single, living with Moricich family at Avalon.

  • Josephine Gemilere (1863-1916) born in Santa Barbara, CA = Vincent Moricich (1854-1929)
  • Paul C. Gemilere (1876-1944)[SS#565-18-3738] = [1903] Blanche Wright (1878-1961)
1. Dolores Gemilere (1906-1979)[SS#563-07-9046]
2. Paul Leland Gemilere (1916-2012) = [1945] Esther “Bernice” Vangen (1927-2015)
1. Ronald Paul “Rico” Gemilere (1946-2008)
2. Gary Leland Gemilere (b. 1949)
3. Terry Lee Gemilere (b. 1955)
  • George Gemilere (b. CA 1880-1936) (French parents) = [1902] Bertha H. Chapman (b. Maine 1879-1962)
1. George Raymond Gemilere (1907-1984)[SS#552-22-7515] = Ruth E. Bledsoe (1908-1993)
1. Gertrude Betty Ann Gemilere (1928) = Glen Cooper (TX)
1. Christopher Robin Cooper (b. 1949)
2. Leslie Alexandra Cooper (b. 1951)
2. Joan Frances Gemilere (1930- ) Avalon High School Class of 1948
2. Florence Gertrude Gemilere (1909-1962) = Bertram P. Darling (1906-1993)
1. son
2. Billie Lorraine Darling (1929- )

Children of Gemilere and Bledsoe: FIX. Bledsoe too old above~

Kathy Lou Gemilere (b. 1952), Avalon = [1985] David Estrada

1. Andrew David Estrada (1990)

David Alan Gemilere (b. 1953), Avalon = [1982] Marina O. Garcia

1. George Raymond Gemilere (b. 1983)
2. Melissa Ann Gemilere (b. 1985)

In the News~

September 25, 1902 [LAH]: “Marriage licenses. Gemilere—Chapman—George Gemilere, 23, Avalon, and Bertha H. Chapman, 23, Avalon.”

September 1, 1903 [LAH]: “Marriage licenses. Gemilere—Wright—Paul Gemilere, 29, Avalon, and Blanche Wright, 25, Los Angeles.”

September 6, 1903 [LAH]: “Miss Blanche White and Paul Gemilere were married Monday evening at 1844 East Sixteenth Street, Rev. E. H. Fretz, pastor of the Haven Methodist Church, officiating. The bride was gowned in white mull and carried white carnations. Mr. and Mrs. Gemilere will reside at Avalon, where Mr. Gemilere is engineer on the Meteor.”

September 8, 1926 [TI/Avalon]: “...Blanche W Captain George Gemilere and George Gemilere, Jr.”

November 18, 1931 [TI/Avalon]: “Word has been received of the death of Mrs. George Gemlere Jr., at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Watson, in Santa Barbara, on Saturday. Mrs. Jewel Gemilere was long a resident of Avalon during her girlhood days, and the many friends of the family and of the bereaved husband are indeed sorry to learn of her decease. She also leaves two young children.”

November 21, 1931 [TI/Avalon]: “Funeral services were held Tuesday for Mrs. Jewell Watson Gemilere, wife of Captain George Gemilere, Jr., who passed away after a minor operation in a Santa Barbara hospital. The internment was at Santa Barbara. Friends, relatives and the bereaved husband and children returned to Avalon Friday. That Mrs. Gemilere had endeared herself to the people of Avalon was evidenced by the many beautiful tributes that were sent to the funeral services. The many Avalon friends of the two families, the Gemileres and the Watsons, extend their heartfelt sympathy.”

July 27, 1932 [TI/Avalon]: “Captain George Gemilere of the Blanche W says there are more flying fish than other years.”

October 24, 1935 [RU/Avalon]: “Mrs. George Gemilere was hosting a surprise birthday party in honor of her husband's birthday Saturday night. Mrs. Gemilere's sister, Mrs. Lee Oma Freeze, and a daughter Beverly; also, Mrs. Inez Johnston and infant son, were weekend guests from Long Beach and helped with the arrangements. On a minor pretense George was lured from the house at 9 P.M. Mrs. Gemilere left the door open, and the guests filled the house, leaving the lights out. Fifteen minutes later, on returning home, the girls waited for George to turn on the lights, when everyone called 'Surprise and Happy Birthday.' The floor was covered with handsome wrapped packages, which turned out to be toys and booby prizes...”

November 26, 1936 [TI/Avalon]: “With hats off and bowed heads Avalon residents paid their last tribute to one of the most beloved citizens, your friend and my friend, George Gemilere. His sudden passing was a shock to his many friends. A man with a heart almost as large as his massive frame; very quiet, jovial, a good story-teller, and also a good listener. He was known as 'George' to the local community and to many summer visitors. We will all miss his ever present smile, kind and sympathetic way. He was a loyal employee of the Santa Catalina Island Company.”