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Commodore Llew Goodfield,
Santa Barbara Yacht Club, 1996

GOODFIELD, Llewellyn (b. 1938), the first of two children born to Llewellyn Goodfield (1902 -1989) and Catherine Mabel Rogers (1912-2006), who married in Santa Barbara in 1933. Llew's brother, David Goodfield, was born in 1940.

Autobiography by Llew Goodfield:

After graduating Carpinteria High School in 1956, I worked as a Lifeguard for the City of Santa Barbara; took my surfboard to Hawaii with Dave Benedict; served three years in the Marine Corps; and graduated from Long Beach State where I attended on a football scholarship. My degree is in Economics. I married Helen Prince from Santa Barbara and entered the family furniture store, (Rogers Furniture), in Santa Barbara.
My family decided to close the store, so I moved to Newport Beach in 1965 and managed another retail furniture store. Not being an owner, it wasn’t as much fun, so I went to work for The Irvine Company in Orange County and managed and leased shopping centers. After five years with The Irvine Company, Helen and I were divorced, and I took a job developing shopping centers for Coldwell Banker in Seattle. From there I moved to Sun Valley, Idaho and managed a ski resort. My next stop was back in Newport Beach where I met Marilyn Campbell, my present wife, to whom I have been married since 1976.
Construction interest rates came back down in 1977 and I got back in to shopping center development. Altogether I built or added on to centers in five Western states. All this time I was plotting and scheming how to get back to Carpinteria.
In 1980 I found my way home and took a job remodeling shopping centers in Santa Barbara, Lompoc, Santa Paula and Ventura. Marilyn and I bought the old barn on my Dad’s place and converted it to a home. I’ve since bought the entire place (Ivy Oaks) from my brother and mother. In 1982, with two partners, I began developing commercial properties for myself in San Luis Obispo. I also bought my relatives’ interests in some Santa Barbara commercial properties, including the Rogers Furniture Store building on State St., which is now leased to Apple, Inc.
I had four children with my first wife: Francie, Leslie, Arlene and Bruce. Our daughter, Leslie, who had down syndrome, died in 1996. Daughter, Francie, and her husband, Pete, have a son. Jack. Francie manages my Santa Barbara properties. Arlene has two children with her husband Rod, son, Joe and daughter Dana. Arlene is a commercial pilot for Surf Air. Bruce and his wife, Kerry, have twin daughters, Reilly and Keelen, and son Quinn. Bruce is a Sales Manager for Cisco. Marilyn and I have one son, Graham. He and his wife, Hannah, have son Hugo and daughter Darlah. Graham owns Los Padres Outfitters and provides back country pack trips and local horseback rides.
My brother Dave, my only sibling, earned his Doctorate in Education and retired as Principal of Carp High in 2000. He has been married to Annie Fabbian since 1980. Dave and I both have had Pacemakers implanted. Mine is also a Defibrillator. Our Dad died in 1989 at 87 years of age and our Mother died in 2006 at 94.
I am Past President of the Santa Barbara University Club and the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum. I was also Commodore of the Santa Barbara Yacht Club in 1996. As commodore, I negotiated a trade with the City for the guest dock in Marina One, which was important for the club visitors sailing into the city. I also organized and then served as project manager for the construction of the Club’s elevator.
I built a tennis court in our orchard in 2002, and play “enthusiastic doubles” with local friends twice weekly.
Life is good for the Goodfields.

In 1999 Llew Goodfield became member #57 of the All 8 Club of the Santa Cruz Island Foundation. As a Marine in 1958, he spent a week on the back side of San Clemente Island directing gunfire from their ship, USS Los Angeles, on some old tanks and trucks staged at Pyramid Cove.

Note: Llew Goodfield of Carpinteria, CA is the great grandson of Eugene F. Rogers. Allen Eugene Rogers was his grandfather; Llewellyn Goodfield was his father (married to Allen’s daughter, Catherine Rogers).

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