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GRANT, George Bernard (1849-1917), plant collector who lived in Pasadena and collected primarily in southern California between 1895-1915. Grant collected alone on Santa Catalina Island in 1900, 1901, and 1903, and again with Walter Wheeler on April 21-26, 1904. Grant’s collections are in the Stanford University herbarium. Duplicates are at the California Academy of Science, New York Botanic Garden, Harvard, and Chicago’s Field Museum. He named the genus Wheelerella, in the Boraginaceae, family for his friend.

Grant collected on:

  • Santa Catalina Island (1898)

Island Collections~
Santa Catalina Island G. B. Grant POM February 19, 1898 POM-93651 Crossosoma californicum Plants
Santa Catalina Island G. B. Grant UCB February 19, 1898 UC-12321 Crossosoma californicum Plants