GREEN, Theodore "Ted" S.

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Theodore "Ted" S. Green (1934-2001)
Ted Green in the Main Ranch office.
Green,Theodore "Ted" S. (1934-2001) 2.jpg
Ted Green at the 5th Channel Islands Symposium speaking about Santa Cruz Island Company Communications System, 1999
Steep Hill Cemetery, Fort Smith, Arkansas

GREEN, Theodore "Ted" S. (1934-2001)[SS 555-44-4885], was born on March 13, 1934 in Sebastian County, Arkansas. His career was as a communications technician in civil service for the Department of Defense, Pacific Missile Test Center, Point Mugu. He served six years on Santa Cruz Island, where, during his spare time he designed, installed and maintained radio telephone equipment.

Ted Green founded the Santa Cruz Island Communications Company which, in 1973, leased two communication sites on the island from the Santa Cruz Island Company. Green was partners with Carey Stanton, Henry Duffield, Jr. and Rick Lagomarsino. The company installed and maintained communications equipment atop Picacho Diablo, Santa Cruz Island for decades. The also sublet space to others desiring a communication system on the island's peaks of Picacho Diablo and Mount Pleasant.

In 1987 with the death of Carey Stanton, The Nature Conservancy cancelled the operations of the Santa Cruz Island Communications Company.

Ted Green died of cancer o November 3, 2001.