Gallina, Santa Cruz Island

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Gallina, Santa Cruz Island (Cañada Gallina) [Sp. hen] drains into Cañada del Puerto to the north east of the Main Ranch. The place name first appears on a hand-drawn map dated 1885 (#14). It shows a “crevice through which the water from Cañada Gallina falls,” around which a water catchment system from the Gallina to the Main Ranch was developed. Symmes states: “The Gallina supply [of water] is collected in a narrow rocky canyon by means of a small rock dam and is carried across the Cañada del Puerto to the Main Ranch.” A 1911 Santa Cruz Island Company memo notes: “pipe crosses creek at suspension, runs along hillside through Eucalyptus grove along lower side of small bridge, enters garden on east side of road, branches right and left…”

1888 [SCICo/Manuel du Magasinier]: “The water provisionment of the Main Ranch of the Cañada Gallina as well as from the well with the windmill, is a first of the things that the warehouse keeper must know about. Actually, he must be informed of all the water systems — to bring it, and to keep this system functioning well. After each winter, the reservoir of the Cañada Gallina must be cleaned, and the windmill must be checked to make sure that it is in good condition and is functioning. The tanks must always be full.”