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=====<span style="color:#006400">In the News~</span>=====
=====<span style="color:#006400">In the News~</span>=====

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In the News~

September 17, 1904 [LAT/SCat]: “Avalon. George E. Weaver, proprietor of the Grand View Hotel, returned to Los Angeles yesterday where he had been to arrange for some extensive improvements in his hostelry. The improvements include the raising of the wing on the corner of Marilla Avenue and extending 100 feet on Crescent Avenue, making it a three story and basement building, and the lower story will be arranged to contain the office, ladies’ sitting room, billiard room dining room and kitchen. The space occupied will be 60 x 100, and there will be no solid outside walls, but all will be enclosed with glass, making a handsome improvement. Work will be begun as soon as the material ordered can reach here.”

September 20, 1904 [LAT/SCat]: “Avalon. Active work was begun on the Grand View Hotel improvements this morning, and tonight the hotel will close its doors for a month, while another story is added and the office and dining room locations are changed to better accommodate the patrons.”

December 1, 1904 [LAT]: “Avalon. The various improvements projected for the island recently are mostly nearing completion. The Grand View Hotel, which has been raised boldly and another story added underneath, the office the ladies’ parlor, billiard hall, dining room and kitchen being transferred to the new quarters which front the main street at the street level, are now almost ready to be opened to the public.”