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Gravel was hauled primarily from Santa Catalina Island to Santa Barbara for use in construction, roadways and sidewalks. Vessels engaged in the gravel-hauling business included:

In the News~

July 18, 1873 [SBMP]: “Arrivals. July 12. schr. Ned. Beale, [Captain] Brown, from Catalina Island with 20 tons gravel.”

January 9, 1874 [SBDP]: “Arrivals. January 4. Schooner Tocaco, Nidever, from Island with gravel.”

October 14, 1878 [SBDP]: “The schooner Surprise arrived Saturday afternoon from Santa Catalina Island, where she has been undergoing painting inside and out. She is loaded with fifteen tons of coarse gravel for garden walks.”

July 30, 1884 [SBDI]: “The new schooner Emma is off to one of the islands in search of a cargo of gravel for the Dibblee mansion.”

August 18, 1884 [SBDI]: “The schooner Emma arrived here Saturday from Catalina Island with a load of gravel for the Dibblee mansion. We understand the contract calls for two hundred tons. She is to discharge her cargo opposite the mansion and use lighters in getting it to the shore.”

August 22, 1884 [SBDP]: “The schooner Emma has hauled up near Castle Point to unload gravel from Catalina Island for Mr. T. B. Dibblee.”

August 22, 1884 [SBDP]: “The Emma, Captain Hurst, arrived yesterday morning with a load of gravel for Mr. Dibblee. Owing to the strong northwest gales that prevailed for the past few days at Catalina Island, he was unable to unload and had to go to Santa Cruz for his cargo. He has 41 tons aboard.”

August 28, 1884 [SBDI]: “The schooner Emma, having unloaded her cargo of gravel, will leave the first of the week for Catalina Island to bring over another load.”

September 16, 1884 [SBDI]: “The swell of the ocean for the past two days has been so great that the schooner Emma has been unable to discharge her cargo of gravel.”

September 19, 1884 [SBDI]: “Captain Hurst, master of the Emma, having discharged his cargo of gravel, is making preparations with a view of taking out a party of otter hunters.”

December 9, 1884 [SBDI]: “The schooner Emma is going to Wilmington soon to have her bottom scraped and caulked, thence to the Island for gravel.”

July 29, 1886 [SBDI]: “The schooner Brisk leaves today for Santa Catalina Island for a load of gravel for Mr. Dibblee of this city.”

August 15, 1889 [SBMP]: “Captain John Culinane is doing considerable business in bringing gravel to this city from Catalina Island in his schooner Buckley. This material makes for a clean walk for those who cannot afford the expense of cement. It is delivered at a cost of about $3 per ton.”

January 17, 1892 [SBMP]: “The schooner Ruby brought from Catalina Island a number of tons of fine gravel which is to be used in making sidewalks. She is to bring a couple of loads as soon as she discharges her present cargo.”

January 17, 1892 [LAT/SB]: “The Ruby has arrived from Catalina Island with a cargo of gravel.”

January 19, 1892 [LAT/SB]: “The schooner Ruby has sailed for Catalina Island for another cargo of gravel.”

January 26, 1892 [LAT/SB]: “The schooner Ruby has returned from Catalina Island with a cargo of gravel.”

February 5, 1892 [SBMP]: “The schooner Ruby is at the wharf unloading Catalina Island gravel.”

May 3, 1892 [LAT/SB]: “The schooner Ruby left for San Clemente Island yesterday morning, taking down four Chinamen who will remain on the island for four months gathering abalones. The Ruby will bring a load of gravel from the island.”

May 18, 1892 [LAT/SB]: “The schooner Ruby came in from Catalina Island on Monday evening loaded with gravel.”

June 5, 1892 [SBMP]: “The schooner Ruby arrived yesterday from Catalina Island with a cargo of gravel.”

June 7, 1892 [LAT/SB]: “The schooner Ruby came in from Catalina Island Saturday evening from bringing a load of gravel. She unloaded yesterday morning and sailed again in the afternoon for Santa Cruz with a crew of eight men for the purpose of catching some live seals.”

June 25, 1892 [SBMP]: “The schooner Ruby is discharging a cargo of Catalina Island gravel at the wharf.”

July 14, 1892 [SBMP]: “The schooner Ruby is in the harbor with a cargo of Catalina Island gravel.”

July 17, 1892 [LAT/SB]: “The schooner Ruby sailed for the islands on Friday for another load of gravel.”

July 18, 1892 [SBMP]: “The report that the schooner Ruby was several days overdue from Catalina is denied by one of the owners. The boat left less than a week ago for a cargo of gravel, and is not expected for a day or two.”

February 28, 1893 [SBMP]: “The schooner Santa Rosa came in from San Clemente Island Sunday with a cargo of four tons of gravel. The schooner will take a load of lumber back to Santa Rosa Island.”

May 14, 1895 [SBDI]: “The sloop yacht Restless returned last evening from Santa Catalina Island with a cargo of gravel.”