HABIBI, Hossein

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HABIBI, Hossein M. (1957-1985), passenger in an Island Express Helicopter who was killed on November 30, 1985 in a mid-air collision at their mainland terminal in San Pedro. Eleven others survived. Habibi is buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale.

In the News~

December 2, 1985 [LAT]: “Stark Tragedy of helicopter crash ends a joyous outing. It was to be like a delayed honeymoon. But it ended in tragedy with the recent bridegroom, Hossein Habibi, 28, of Glendale, killed and 11 others injured in a rare mid-air collision of two commuter helicopters maneuvering to land at the Catalina Air and Sea Terminal in San Pedro. "They were very much acting like newlyweds," said Russell Clendenen, 34, of Pitman, N.J., in recounting the last moments of the Saturday afternoon crash at the helipad located under the Vincent Thomas suspension bridge. Habibi, an Iranian immigrant who worked as a manager at a McDonald's restaurant, had been sitting in a Bell "Long Ranger" helicopter owned by Helitrans of San Pedro, that was about to land after a daylong excursion to Santa Catalina Island. Next to him was his wife of three months, Stacy, 22, whom he had met last year while both were working at Yellowstone National Park.”

December 4, 1985 [LAT]: “The pilot of one of two commuter helicopters maneuvering to land at a helipad says he never saw the other craft before they collided in flight, killing one person and injuring 10 others, according to a Federal official. The two Bell 206-L jet Ranger helicopters arriving from Santa Catalina Island crashed Saturday while approaching the Catalina Air and Sea Terminal in San Pedro. Brian Adams, pilot of a Helitrans helicopter, told investigators he never saw the Island Express craft, according to Jeff Rich of the National Transportation Safety Board, which joined the Federal Aviation Administration in the crash investigation. Helitrans and Island Express ferry passengers between the mainland and the resort island 26 miles offshore. Hossein Habibi, a 28-year-old Iranian immigrant, was killed in the crash, the police said.”