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HADLEY, Rick (c. 1968-2013)

In the News~

September 29, 2013 [speardiver.com]: “I lost a friend and Long Beach Neptune last night at Santa Barbara Island bug diving a spot with small caves and crevices. He name was Rick Hadley and one one of the most experienced divers I know. One of the nicest guys you would ever meet. Father, watermen, and warmhearted. I am gutted.....he was diving with close friends. They were freediving a small area with with some caves in it. They all came back except Rick. By 1030 they were all back in the water working grid patterns looking for him. By midnight they called the coast guard. Sometime mid day today they found his body (spotted from a helicopter I think) underwater at the mouth of a cave. Sincerely, Don”

September 29, 2013 [spearfishingplanet.com]: “I doubt that many of you knew Rick, but I just wanted to let you know that we lost an another brother. I haven't heard all the details, but he was free diving for lobster with some of his fellow Long Beach Neptunes at Santa Barbara Island. A Coast Guard helicopter searched and spotted him on the bottom. Rick was a hell of a nice guy, and a much better diver than most of us. It seems incomprehensible that he died lobster diving rather than while cutting a big fish out of the kelp on the murky bottom, which he did just last week when he shot his personal best yellowtail, 40.5 pounds after being bled. This photo was posted on another board. He also took his personal best white sea bass this year. We're going to miss him.”