HAHN, David Keith

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HAHN, David Keith (c. 1944-1972), drowned in a diving accident off Empire landing, Santa Catalina Island on November 2, 1972.

In the News~

November 3, 1972 [LBI]: “Bodies of missing scuba divers found near Catalina. The bodies of two Southland scuba divers, who apparently tried to share an air tank in an emergency 120 feet below the surface, were found in the waters off Catalina Island Thursday. The weight-belted bodies of David Keith Hahn, 28, of Harbor City, and Raymond Charles Kauth, Jr., 28, of Pasadena, were discovered at 9:30 a.m. by lifeguards searching 100 feet offshore, about two miles east of Isthmus Cove. The two men were last seen before 1 p.m. Wednesday, by a companion on the diving expedition, 28-year-old Richard Kirst of La Canada. Kirst said he remained on the trio's boat while his two friends went diving. When they had failed to surface an hour later, he called the emergency services detail of County Lifeguards. A search was initiated Wednesday afternoon, interrupted by darkness and resumed at first light Thursday. Lifeguard Dennis McCarbey said it appeared as if the two victims had tried the "buddy breathing" system of using one tank as an emergency measure.

January 3, 1973 [LAT]: “Deaths of two men scuba diving near Santa Catalina Island Nov. 2 were declared by a Los Angeles County coroner's jury to be accidental drowning due to air embolism. David Keith Hahn, 28, and Raymond Charles Kauth, Jr., also 28, drowned while making training dives from a boat off Empire Landing.”