HALL, Harvey Monroe

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Harvey Monroe Hall (1874-1932)

HALL, Harvey Monroe (1874-1932), Illinois-born botanist who grew up near Riverside, California. Hall was graduated from the University of California in 1901; received his Master of Science degree in 1902; and PhD in 1906 from the same institution. He was a member of the faculty of the University of California until 1919, when he joined the Carnegie Institution of Washington, which enabled him to follow his prime interest, the development of his extensive research program. This he continued to direct from Berkeley until the organization of the institution's laboratory on the Stanford University campus in 1929, where he then made his headquarters and also became Acting Professor of Botany in Stanford University.

Harvey Monroe Hall = Carlotta Case

  • Martha Hall

Hall collected plants on:

  • Santa Cruz Island
  • Santa Catalina Island (1908) with Blanche Trask as his guide.

His specimens are in the University of California herbarium. Hall died while in Washington, DC for a conference on March 11, 1932.

WIKIPEDIA: Harvey Monroe Hall

The Harvey Monroe Hall Natural Area is a federally administered Research Natural Area located in California’s Inyo National Forest, on the eastern border of Yosemite National Park. The region is approximately four miles long, 2.75 miles wide, and includes 3,883 acres of wilderness. The region's Research Natural Area program was established to provide protection for a network of federal lands that would be used primarily for research, baseline ecological information, and the maintenance of biological diversity.