HALSEY, Abraham

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HALSEY, Abraham (1790-1857)

Palmer, T. S. Nomenclature of California Birds in Condor 30(5):267-268 September-October 1928:

HALSEY, Abraham. “Born in New York City, April 24, 1790; died in Brooklyn, New York, February 4, 1857. In his early years Halsey was cashier of the foundry of James P. Allaire at Corliss Hook, and later, clerk and cashier of a bank in New York or Brooklyn. He was elected a member of the New York Lyceum from 1825 to 1833, about the same time that J. P. Giraud was teasurer. When Giraud, in 1841, published his celebrated Description of Sixteen New Species of North American Birds, said to have been taken in Texas, Halsey drew that plates and, in recognition of his assistance, one of the new species was named Sylvia halseii in is honor. The name is now regarded as a synonym of the Black-throated Gray Warbler (Dendroica nigrescens), a species described by J. K. Townsend four years before Giraud's description appeared. This Warbler is a common summer visitant in certain parts of California.”