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HANNA, Wilson Creal (1883-1982)[SS#561-05-9668], oologist born in Leadville, Colorado. His family moved to Banning, California when he was one year old, and in 1889 when he was five, the family moved to Colton, California where he remained for his lifetime. Hanna developed an early interest in oology and collected his first set of eggs when he was four years old. He was one of the three graduates of Colton High School in 1902. After college Hanna was employed as a chemist by the California Portland Cement Company. At the time of his retirement he was vice-president in charge of technical development of the company.

Hanna was a charter member of the Cooper Ornithological Society and authored 58 articles between 1902 and 1961, many of which detail birds in the San Gabriel and San Bernardino mountains. During his lifetime Hanna amassed a collection of over 30,000 sets of egg representing most of the bird families from all parts of the world. Most of these were collected between 1910 and 1940. Hanna’s egg collection was donated to the San Bernardino County Museum which now holds the fifth largest collection of egg sets in the world.

Directory of Members, Cooper Ornithological Club, May 1914:

  • Wilson C. Hanna. Box 146, Colton, CA 1902.

Hanna collected on:

Hanna’s collection includes three sets of bald eagle eggs collected on the California Channel Islands:

  • March 3, 1905 [SBCM #4537] taken on San Clemente Island by O. W. Howard
  • March 2, 1917 [SBCM #5148] taken on Santa Cruz Island by Martin C. Badger
  • Feb. 29, 1936 [SBCM #6683] taken on Santa Cruz Island by L. S. Stevens and “received from the collector in Santa Barbara October 23, 1940” by Wilson C. Hanna.

Island Collections~
Islas Coronados W. C. Hanna ROM May 8, 1921 ROM-503543 Larus occidentalis Birds
Islas Coronados W. C. Hanna WFVZ May 8, 1921 WFVZ-39079 Larus occidentalis Birds