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HARRINGTON, Captain (fl 1880s) The 1880 census lists Ella R. Harrington, daughter of M. A. Harrington, born in Ireland, 50 and married. Her husband’s name is not listed.

In the News~

Feb. 23, 1881 [SBDP]: “Captain Harrington has just finished building a large lighter, near his residence on Montecito Street. It is to be taken to the east end of Santa Cruz Island to be used in removing sheep from the island. It is of the capacity of about forty tons and can carry 150 sheep at each load.”

May 1, 1882 [SBDP]: “Captain Harrington has just returned from a trip to the South Sea Islands, and has a number of additions to his famous collection of curiosities. The Captain has roamed the salty sea for a period of over thirty years, and in that time has collected an inordinate quantity of treasures from all parts of the world.”

May 30, 1882 [SBDP]: “Captain Harrington and his daughter Ella, leave tonight on the Ancon for San Francisco.”


  • John Harrington, 406 Bryant
  • John W. Harrington, 527 1/2 Green -

See more at: http://www.maritimeheritage.org/captains.htm#r