HAVEMEYER, Henry Oliver

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Henry Oliver Havemeyer

HAVEMEYER, Henry Oliver (1847-1907), born in New York City, he was an American industrialist, entrepreneur and sugar refiner who founded and became president of the American Sugar Refining Company in 1891. Havemeyer was the third generation of his family in the sugar business and oversaw the expansion of the family firm into the American Sugar Refining Company which dominated the sugar industry in the late 19th century. Together with his wife, Louisine Havemeyer, he was an avid and prolific collector of art, one of the earliest collectors to bring Impressionist Art to America, guided by artist Mary Cassatt.

In 1898, Havemeyer was elected a Trustee of the American Museum of Natural History, New York, and he served for almost ten years. Havemeyer died on Long Island at age 60 on December 4, 1907.

Island Collections~
San Clemente Island Henry O. Havemeyer YPM August 26, 1894 YPM-126779 Arenaria melanocephala Birds