HAZLE, Robert

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HAZLE, Robert was born in Canada and raised in New England. He was graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a BS degree in Chemical and Ocean Engineering. During a 37 year civilian career with the Department of the Navy, he criss-crossed the country three times working at a number of DOD activities. Bob moved to the Ventura area in the early 1980s working at the Navy Base in Port Hueneme. During this period, he worked on several projects that took him San Clemente Island and San Nicolas Islands. As a boater, he sailed to several of the other islands as well. Upon retirement he realized he only needed 3 more islands for the All 8 milestone, an achievement he reached as #230 in June 2020 after traveling to Santa Rosa Island.

There are fewer members of the All 8 Club than people who have visited the International Space Station!

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