HERNANDEZ, Marcelino

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Marcelino Hernandez
Marcelino Hernandez
Avalon Cemetery, Santa Catalina Island
Marcelino Hernandez and Alex Adargo,
Santa Catalina Island

HERNANDEZ, Marcelino Joseph (1911-1960) [SS#546-03-9526], fourth of nine children born to Manuel and Silveria Hernandez. Marcelino was born in Avalon on April 16, 1911. As a young man, he was a Catalina diver, along with his brothers Andrew and Sam. His record was 3 minutes 15 seconds to a depth of 56 feet. Marcelino and his wife, Maria Catalina Rodriguez, had six children:

  • 1. Susan Hernandez
  • 2. Marcelino Hernandez
  • 3. Gloria Hernandez
  • 4. Charles Hernandez
  • 5. Robert “Bobby” Hernandez
  • 6. Lorraine Hernandez

Marcelino Hernandez died October 3, 1960 in Avalon aboard the Blanche W at age 49. He is buried in Avalon Cemetery.