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HERSEY, F. Seymour (1884-1971) [SS#023-05-3953], Massachusetts-born son of Alice Maria Hersey (1864-1920). He was a student of ornithology, and in his early 30s Hersey published a list of birds he observed in Alaska and Northeastern Siberia during the summer of 1914. In 1917 he published an article in Auk on the birds of he had seen at St. Michael, Alaska.

“...the climate of St. Michael is one of the most disagreeable I have ever experienced. Nevertheless it appears to have no depressing effect on the bird life of the country...”

Hersey lived in Easton, MA in 1935; in 1940. He was unmarried. He died in January 1971 in Newbury, Vermont.

The F. Seymour Hersey Egg collection is in the Natural History Collections housed in the Biology Department, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. In 1945 he donated his bird collection to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Ohio.

His Bushtit from Santa Cruz Island was most likely collected by either A. B. Howell or A. J. Van Rossem, both of whom were on the island that date.

Island Collections~
Santa Cruz Island F. Seymour Hersey Collection CMNH April 29, 1911 CMNH-39170 Psaltriparus minimus Birds