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Wilmington Cemetery

HIGUERA, Lorezo (1835-1916), sheepman working for the San Clemente Island Wool Company who accidentally shot himself.

Higuera was married to Maria Antonia Redona (1845-1919). He was her second husband. Maria Antonia Redona was born on June 24, 1845, in Baja California, Mexico. She married George Graham and they had seven children together, one of whom was Paul Graham. Graham died c. 1889, thus she then married Lorenzo Higuera on September 20, 1892, in Los Angeles, California. She died on February 22, 1919, in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 73.

Lorenzo Higuera and Maria Antonia are not known to have had children together.

In the News~

October 21, 1916 [LAT]: “Lorenzo Higuera, a range rider for the San Clemente Island Wool Company, was found dead on the trail leading to White Rock, San Clemente Island, Thursday morning. Higuera was found in a sitting position with his gun close by his side. The horse he had been riding has not been found. Higuera was 75 years of age and for the past ten years had been a faithful and trusted employee for the island company. The body will be taken to San Pedro, where a large number of relatives await it.”

October 23, 1916 [LAT]: “Sitting bolt upright on a pile of rock, with a gaping wound in his left breast made by a bullet from a rifle which he was carrying and which accidentally discharged when he pitched headlong from one of the narrow sheep trails on San Clemente Island, the dead body of Lorenzo Higuera, a sheep herder, was found Friday by a searching party that had been out for four days looking for him. The unfortunate man was carrying a rifle and revolver and about his waist a heavily-loaded cartridge belt. It is thought that he stumbled on one of the steep narrow sheep trails, and after plunging down the hillside, struck the pile of rock on which his body was found with such force as to cause the rifle which he carried in his hand to discharge with fatal effect. The bullet pierced his heart and physicians say that death was instantaneous. The remote spot in which the body was found made it extremely difficult to recover, as at this point the trails are narrow and the grades steep in places. The body was finally gotten to the boat landing and brought to Wilmington in a motorboat. The funeral services were conducted at the Wilmington Catholic Church at 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon with Rev. Father Elling officiating. The interment took place at Wilmington cemetery.”