HILL, Henry Alto

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HILL, Henry Alto (1927-1958)[SS#260-26-7570]

In the News~

April 14, 1958 [LBI]: “Man dies diving at Catalina. A skindiver disappeared Sunday at the 60-foot level in Emerald Bay, Santa Catalina Island, and is presumed drowned, Constable John Windle said. Henry Alto Hill, 30, of La Canada, vanished after suffering 'air intoxication', another diver told Windle. Diver Edward R. Smedley, 27, of Los Angeles, said he and Hill were at the 100-foot level when one of them ran out of air. They tried to make the surface together on the same bottle of air by switching mouthpieces. But Hill panicked at the 60-foot level when he accidentally got an overdose of air, causing air intoxication', Smedley said. Two divers searched Sunday afternoon for Hill's body and several others will join the hunt today.”

April 14, 1958 [Pasadena Independent]: “The skin diver, Henry Alto Hill, 30, of 1343 N. Verdugo Blvd., La Canada, drowned in 60 feet of water at Emerald Bay on the west end of Catalina Island. Hill, who was exploring the ocean floor, died when his oxygen tank reportedly went. He ahd been diving with Edward R. Smedley, 27, of Los Angeles.”