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HOLLAND, George (-), resident reported living on San Clemente Island for more than two decades.

In the News~

October 1942 [USNIP]: “At Northwest Harbor lived George Holland for 25 years; he had several hundred acres under cultivation, raising beans and small grain, and had a windmill and well that pumped fresh water; these were still used by the Navy in 1936… The other hidden treasure on San Clemente Island was left by Chennetti, who worked for Mr. Holland in the early eighties. Mr. Chennetti received $40 per month in gold and buried his wages somewhere in the vicinity of Pyramid Cove; he worked for Mr. Holland for many years and never went to town. He could neither read nor write and had no relatives. Mr. Chennetti was found dead at Red Canyon by Mr. Holland and he took his secret hiding place where he had buried his savings with him. Treasure hunters have often dug about Pyramid Cove for his small fortune, but to date the gold is still there…”

» Flynn, S. E. The History of San Clemente Island in U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings 68(476):1417-1426 October 1942.”