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HOLLENBERG, George Jacob (1897-1988)[SS#570-16-3041], born in North Dakota, he became a leading phycologist in California and the Pacific Coast. He taught first at La Verne College near Los Angeles, then at the University of Redlands. In the 1950s Hollenberg taught at the Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University; he authored Marine Algae of California (1976). His career included describing nine genera in the California flora and naming six new genera in the central Pacific. Hollenberg married Naomi Lucille Harshbarger (1901-1985) in 1923, and they had four children:

  • Delbert Hollenberg (1925-1983)
  • Leland Hollenberg
  • Donna Hollenberg
  • Anne Hollenberg

Hollenberg died on December 3, 1988 in San Bernardino, California, two days before his 91st birthday.

Island Collections~

Santa Catalina Island

4/13-16/1935 NMNH plants

Santa Cruz Island

4/19/1936 NMNH plants