HOOVER, Herbert

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Herbert Hoover aboard Ida May, 1927
Herbert Hoover aboard Ida May, far right,
Santa Catalina Island, 1927

HOOVER, Herbert (1874-1964), mining engineer, Quaker, Republican, and 31st president of the United States, (1929-1933), visited Santa Catalina and San Clemente islands in 1927, two years before he became president. He went fishing aboard Stan Laurel's Ida May.

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In the News~

August 17, 1927 [SDET]: “Hoover no “wiz” in role of fisherman. Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, Aug. 17. — Herbert Hoover today had demonstrated that as a fisherman he was a better secretary of commerce. Leaving here yesterday morning at 7 o'clock the secretary did not return until late at night with only the story of the fish that got away. The party, consisting of Secretary Hoover, his son, Allan, and M. W. Van Brunt, spent the day in the vicinity of San Clemente Island, which is under the jurisdiction of Hoover's department. Both tuna and swordfish had been reported there the day before, and several schools of tuna were sighted. The commerce secretary had but one strike and failed to land the fish. Swordfish, the aim of the party, were not encountered. His plans for today included another fishing trip and perhaps a goat hunt in the interior of the island.”