HOVARD, Ernest Miller

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HOVARD, Ernest Miller (b. 1924) Pasadena-born native Californian who served in the 12th Naval District of the U. S. Coast Guard during World War II, after which he became a career policeman in Pasadena from 1949 until retiring in 1978. For ten years after retirement he worked as a detective at the Santa Anita Racetrack.

Hovard, a member of the All Eight California Channel Channel Islands Club, first visited Santa Rosa Island aboard Otay with a grammar school science class in 1938. After World War II Hovard began Indian-artifact collecting, and he was invited by anthropologist, Phil Orr of the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, to help him on Santa Rosa Island. After multiple trips to Santa Rosa Island, sometimes flying with David Gray or George Hammond, Hovard visited Santa Cruz Island and eventually all eight of the California Channel Islands in company with various others: Ted Green, George Kritzman, Duane and Jaret Owens, among others. Hovard was a friend of Arthur Sanger; he worked at the Southwest Museum as a volunteer; and he was past sheriff of the Los Angeles Corral of the Westerners.

After 1980, Hovard donated a Chumash artifact collection to Channel Islands National Park.

Hovard donations to Channel Islands National Park