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Peter Howorth

HOWORTH, Peter C. (b. 1944)

In 1964, Peter Howorth began collecting live specimens of whales, dolphins, seals, and sea lions for marine life parks and for the U.S. Navy’s Marine Mammal Program, which started at Pt. Mugu, California, and is now based in San Diego. Soon afterward, he began to provide logistical support for a variety of government marine mammal research projects, including the annual censusing of pinnipeds at San Miguel Island by NOAA Fisheries. In the 1980s, Howorth also began supplying logistical support for the censusing of pinnipeds at Santa Barbara Island by NOAA Fisheries.

Peter Howorth is #97 of the All 8+ Club of the Santa Cruz Island Foundation which he joined in 2006. In addition to the eight California Channel Islands, he has visited the following islands in bold on the Club's expanded list of Alta and Baja California islands:


  • Rincon Island (man-made Channel Island)
  • Farallones
  • Año Nuevo
  • Islas Coronado
  • Islas Todos Santos
  • Isla San Martin
  • Isla San Geronimo
  • Isla Guadalupe
  • Islas San Benito
  • Isla Cedros
  • Isla Natividad
  • Isla Asuncion

NOTE: Extraordinary "Islands" and Islets, but not named offshore rocks, include:

  • Sutil Island, Santa Barbara Island
  • Prince Island, San Miguel Island
  • Gull Island, Santa Cruz Island
  • Islote Afuera, Isla Guadalupe [aka Islote Zapato]
  • Islote Adentro, Isla Guadalupe [aka Islote Toro]
  • Islote Bernal, Isla Guadalupe
  • Islote Negro, Isla Guadalupe


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