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HUNTER, Joseph Slayton (1879-1972), Nebraska-born mammalogist, Hunter was one of eight participants in the California Academy of Sciences expedition to the Galapagos in 1905-1906 aboard the Academy. Enroute to Ecuador, the expedition stopped and collected on the Baja California islands of: San Martin, San Geronimo, San Benito, Cedros, and Natividad, in addition to San Benedicto, Socorro and Clipperton islands.

After Hunter returned, he spent the next 42 years working for the California Fish and Game Commission, becoming head of the California State Bureau of Game Conservation when it was recognized in 1935.

Hunter died at the age of 92 in San Mateo, California.

Joseph Slayton Hunter = Marion Tanner Hunter (c. 1886-1964) Skylawn Memorial Gardens

  • 1. Robert Cushman Hunter (1912-1995)
  • 2. Walter S. Hunter (1915-2010)

The 1905-1906 California Academy of Sciences Galapagos expedition visited multiple Baja California islands, including:

  • Isla San Martin, July 11, 1905
  • Isla Geronimo, July 13, 1905
  • Isla San Benito, July 14-17, 1905
  • Isla Cedros, July 18, 1905
  • Isla Natividad, July 19, 1905

Expedition participants included:

Hunter collected on: