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HUTCHINS, J. M. ( -1897)

In the News~

August 20, 1897 [LAH]: “A fatal fall. Ruptured a blood vessel while roller skating. J. M. Hutchins, a barber, who has been residing in this city for more than a year, died yesterday at Avalon from the effects of an accidental fall while roller skating. He and his wife had accompanied a party of friends to Catalina, where they had been camping several days. Hutchins was greatly enjoying his vacation, and was taking advantage of every means afforded at the island for the enjoyment of the visitor. Roller skating was his favorite means of amusement, and on Tuesday afternoon after a surf bath, he went to the rink and began trying to teach some children how to skate. In making a short turn he fell, his head striking the floor with great violence. He was unable to rise, and was only able to tell those who ran to his assistance where his quarters were. He soon afterward relapsed into unconsciousness and all efforts to arouse him failed. Three physicians were in constant attendance at his bedside. They pronounced the case hopeless from the beginning, diagnosing the case as a rupture of a small blood vessel beneath the skull. Hutchins' home was at Portland, Or. His residence in this city was at 424 Temple Street. The body was brought to this city for interment. An inquest will be held by the coroner today.”