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Heye Foundation, New York City, New York was founded as a Museum of the American Indian in 1922, which also published a series of Indian Notes and Monographs. In 1919, the Foundation sponsored a seven month expedition (March 16 to October 2, 1919) to San Miguel Island led by Ralph Glidden of Avalon, Santa Catalina Island.

November 1, 1921 [OT]: “With provisions to last four months, Ralph Glidden left Thursday evening for San Nicolas Island, representing the Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation, New York City. An effort will be made to locate the exact spot where the "Lone Woman of San Nicolas" lived for more than twenty years.”

  • 1920 Oetteking, Bruno Morphological and Metrical Variation in Skulls from San Miguel Island, California Heye Foundation 7(2):51-85, 1920

[original in SCIF archives] [San Miguel Island file]

  • 1927 Woodward, Arthur Collection from the Channel Islands of California Heye Foundation 3-4(1):64-67, 1927

[original in SCIF archives] [Henshaw file]

  • 1930 Oetteking, Bruno An Extreme Case of Arthritis deformans in a Skeleton from San Nicolas Island Heye Foundation 7(1):52-56, 1930