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Hiawatha (#) (-1923), 50-foot fishing vessel that sank off San Clemente Island in December 1923.

In the News~

December 13, 1923 [SDET]: “Rescue naval officers from island. Six pety officers of the U.S.S. Procyon, a naval supply ship, and three civilians today were recuperating from hardships experienced on rocky San Clemente Island, where they were marooned for five days after a 50-ton fishing boat in which they sailed to the island, capsized while at anchor in a storm-swept cove. Those in the party were Leon King, master of the schooner Hiawatha, in which the party sailed; Raymond King, 14, his son; George Michaelis, a guide; Chief Printers R. E. Bacon, G. A. Russell, F. A. Oberg; Chief storekeeper G. L. Watkins, Chief Radio Operator G. A. Schneider and Chief Yeoman R. W. Kegan. The naval men had two days' leave of absence for the hunting trip, being due on their vessel Sunday morning. When the naval men failed to appear, fears for their safety were expressed, in view of the storm which prevailed in southern California during the voyage to the island. Tugs and seaplanes were sent out late yesterday to search for them. They were found encamped near Mosquito Harbor, living on bacon and wild goats' meat, and waiting for some ship to take them off. The men had attempted to attract attention by firing their guns and by building fires. Anton Hansen, who was fishing off the island when the rough weather came, was not so fortunate, it was learned here today. He was drowned when a huge wave capsized his skiff ~ the storm's only victim in these waters so far as is known at the present time. Hansen lived at 351 West Fourth Street, San Pedro.”