Historical Society of Southern California

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Organized November 1, 1883. Incorporated February 12, 1891.

Historical Society of Southern California, Southern California Quarterly

  • 1912-1913. Guinn, J. M. Lost Mines of Santa Catalina Historical Society of Southern California Annual Publication 9(1-2):43-48 [From the Overland Monthly, by permission.]

[Xerox in SCIF archives]

  • 1963. Powell, Lawrence Clark An Islandian on the Islands, Austin Tappan Wright Southern California Quarterly 45(1):65-82, March 1963

  • 1987. Roberts, Lois Sheep Ranching on San Miguel Island Southern California Quarterly 69(2):103-132, Summer 1987
[original in SCIF archives; signed] [San Miguel Island file]

  • 1987. Evans, Bob The Channel Islands Collection
[original in SCIF archives] [San Miguel Island file]

  • 1993. Chaput, Donald The Civil War Military Post on Catalina Island Southern California Quarterly75(1):37-50, Spring 1993

  • 2014. Aspotol, Jane Life in the Open with Charles Frederick Holder Southern California Quarterly 96(2):206-221, Summer 2014