How Algy Captured a Wild Man ~ Selig Motion Picture Company 1911

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July 7, 1911 [LAT]: “Frank Garbutt put out to sea last night in his yacht, the Skidbladnir, on a voyage that is unique. His passengers and guests will be a company of moving-picture actors, and his destination is one of the Santa Barbara islands. In the early days of the Spanish occupation of California a fascinating pirate named Valdez used to ravage the shipping along this south coast. Owing to his careless habits of morality, no citizen could be safe at sea with his diamonds. The Spanish galleons which had to sail around with cargoes and silk from India in order to provide future literary material for short story writers had a perfectly fearful time of it. Old Kid Valdez had a rendezvous on Santa Cruz Island — an island dented with the most adorably romantic caves and caverns where the sea comes booming in and splashes the roaring sea lions. On one of these caves Valdez is supposed to have hidden his treasure hoard. He is also supposed to have died there. The Selig Moving Picture Company have undertaken the interesting task of reproducing the scenes of that romantic period at the place where they occurred. Old Valdez will live again at his old hang out…”

July 8, 1911 [SBMP]: “On Frank Garbutt's big yacht, Skinbladnir, and on Captain Rosalin Vasquez' Gussie M, a party of 30 actors and actresses of the Selig Motion Picture Company will cross the channel today for a ten day trip. It being intended to make a dozen or more marine plays that will be seen later in local theaters as well as in thousands of nickelodeons throughout the country...”

July 15, 1911 [SBMP]: “The members of the Selig moving picture troupe, who have been engaged in staging films with an island background, crossed the channel yesterday afternoon with Captain Vasquez in the Gussie M from Fry’s Harbor. They have had a fairly successful week of picture making.”

July 16, 1911 [SBMP]: “So pleased are the Selig Motion Picture Company managers with the Santa Barbara islands as the scene for film making that it is now proposed to establish a three-months' camp at Valdez, Santa Cruz Island, two buildings being put up for the purpose. The first reports from the camp were revealed Friday night when the Gussie M, Captain Valdez, arrived with two of the head men who took a bunch of films to Los Angeles to develop them.”

July 19, 1911 [SBMP]: “The Selig Moving Picture Company, with Sidney Ayres as leading man, has been enacting on the island of Santa Cruz a ‘wild man’ play that is so destined, according to those who have seen it, to be one of the strongest human interest dramas the films have yet produced. The island caves and cliffs are depicted in the scenes, the rugged shoreline and deep-cut canyons being used to great advantage in the hunt for the uncivilized human. All of the picture stories that have been played at the island thus far have been on land, but it is understood that there will be some later on with the channel as the center of action.”

July 20, 1911 [SBMP]: “The Santa Barbara beach, bay and channel were caught by the motion picture machines of the Selig Company yesterday from the deck of the Gussie M, Captain Vasquez. The Selig troop, numbering 27, returned during the morning from [Cueva] Valdez, Santa Cruz Island, where they have been camped for two weeks, during which time they have staged several picture plays. Crossing the channel, the picture-making apparatus was kept employed almost constantly…”

July 24, 1911 [LAT]: “Frank A. Garbutt’s yacht, the Skinbladnir, returned to the Los Angeles port yesterday, after having probably broken all records of having her picture shot… The Skinbladnir has completed a cruise about the Santa Rosa and Santa Cruz islands where she has been the scene of the thrilling rescues, romances, and foiled villains, of the Selig Company, which Mr. Garbutt accompanied on their trip north…”

August 3, 1911 [LAT]: “Frank A. Garbutt’s yacht, the Skinbladnir, had an exciting time in the outer harbor of San Pedro… Some scenes were shot which will be used in connection with those made a few weeks ago at Santa Rosa Island, where the company [Selig Moving Picture Company] took a series of scenes on the Skinbladnir…”

October 24, 1911 [SBMP]:How Algy Captured a Wild Man is a feature at Talley’s for tonight only, which is a real ‘sure ‘nough’ dandy show. Anyone with a sense of humor will enjoy this picture story… The pictures for this were taken by the Selig Company, with Santa Cruz Island as a setting, last year, as many will remember. The story has to do with three men and two maids on a yachting voyage…”