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INNES, John ( -1890)

In the News~

June 29, 1890 [LADH]: “Captain Innes was lost on Clemente Island while out prospecting, last week. A searching party has gone over to try to find him. No news has as yet been received from them.”

July 5, 1890 [LAH]: “Captain Innes Found. The body of Captain John Innes of San Pedro, who left home two weeks ago for a day's hunting, and mysteriously disappeared, was found yesterday morning by a search party of his friends on the rocks at the foot of a high bluff. From the appearance of the body it is probable that Innes lost his way and wandered about until weak from lack of food, when he fell over the bluff, striking his head on a sharp rock and fracturing his skull. Coroner Weldon was notified of the discovery, and will probably hold an inquest upon the remains today.”

July 5, 1890 [SFCall]: “San Pedro, July 4. Captain Innes, a resident of San Pedro, went hunting on Clemente Island two weeks ago. He expected to be back the next day, but as he was not heard from a search party went over and found his body this morning. He had probably been dead two days. He had wandered around weak from want of food, and had fallen and struck his head on a sharp stone and was killed instantly.”

October 1942 [USNIP]: “…Then we follow one of the best horseback rides in any land on to Seal Harbor. Just before we come to this beautiful home of the seals we cross the grave of John Innes, on which is a headstone inscribed and stating the date of his death, 1890. He was an old whale fisherman and died of a heart attack while visiting the [San Clemente] island; his burial is the only white man’s known on this island…” » Flynn, S. E. The History of San Clemente Island U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings 68(476):1417-1426 October 1942.