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Infanta (#229467) (1930-1999+), 120-foot steel-hulled auxiliary schooner diesel yacht built in Long Beach in 1930 for actor John Barrymore for his island excursions. She was built by Craig Ship Building Company and designed by L. E. Geary.

“One afternoon at the Pelican Bay Camp, I was looking out from the point and saw a two-masted boat coming up from Potato Harbor. Soon she arrived in the bay and dropped anchor, and I could see the name Infanta. Well, I thought, the good old scout [John Barrymore] really has come back to see us again. He was standing on the stern waving both hands and pointing up the hill... I heard, 'Hello there mother. I am here at last!' ... The Infanta lay in the harbor for a week, then left for the south.” [Eaton: 246-247.]

Barrymore sold Infanta in 1934 and her name was changed to Polaris when she was sold to Edward Lowe and relocated to Juneau, Alaska. The U.S. Navy used her during World War II and named her Amber PYc6. After the war, she was returned to her owner who then sold her in 1947. In 1950, she became Thea Foss when she was purchased by the Foss Launch & Tug Company, today Foss Maritime Company.