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Isabella (#100181)(?-1885) , 35.4-foot wood-hulled sealing and fishing sloop which wrecked at Cuyler's Harbor, San Miguel Island on November 21, 1885. She struck rocks about 10 minutes after she parted her anchor chain in rain, strong east-southeast winds, darkness and heavy seas.

In the News~

March 12, 1880 [SBDP]: “The sloop Isabella left yesterday for San Diego.”

December 9, 1885 [SBDP]: “Word comes to the mainland that the sealing sloop, Elsie Wencher, of San Diego, has been wrecked upon the rocky shore of San Miguel Island. The accident happened about two weeks ago, and the vessel is said to be a total loss, but other than this no particulars are known. The wrecked boat is said by some to be the Isabella, but this report is not believed by seafaring men.”

January 1, 1886 [DAC]: “Sloop Isabel of San Diego wrecked off San Miguel Island.”