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Isabelle (#) (1902-1904+), wood-hulled gasoline launch owned for a few years by fisherman, Eugenio Larco (1873-1917), second-born son of Andres Larco.

In the News~

June 7, 1902 [LAT/SP]: “Eugene Larco will launch his gasoline launch, Isabelle, Sunday morning at 8 o’clock. The Isabelle was built by Karl Jorgeson, and she is a beauty.”

February 16, 1903 [SBI]: “A large party was taken to Santa Cruz Island yesterday in Larco’s launch Isabel to spend a few hours in fishing…”

May 16, 1903 [SBMP]: “The clear sky yesterday and the blustery weather last night are accounted for by the high wind that has prevailed for the past few days, dispelling the fog along the coast. Captain Ogenio Larco returned from the islands last night after a perilous trip in the Isabelle. He left here a few days ago to take Mr. Vail to Santa Rosa Island, which he succeeded in doing, butowing to the high wind was compelled to lay two days at anchor waiting for the storm at sea to subside. He says it was without any question the roughest weather he has encountered in fifteen years experience on the channel. The Edith, which left here for San Miguel Island, was driven to shelter on the lee side of Santa Rosa Island, unable to make her destination. She lost a 33-foot boat belonging to some Chinamen which she had in tow and which is now adrift somewhere on the high seas. A freight schooner caught in the gale had her sails split and torn away and left almost helpless, but succeeded inmaking port. The Isabelle came over last night, leaving the Edith at anchor, the captain preferring to wait for calmer weather.”

April 7, 1904 [SBMP]: “The Larcos sold the power schooner Isabelle yesterday to I. Bardellini of San Francisco, and Frank Nidever will leave this morning with her for the north where she will be used in the fishing business.”