Isla Todos Santos

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Ligthouses, Isla Todos Santos, 2016 from offshore
Ligthouses, Isla Todos Santos, 2008
Ligthouse, Isla Todos Santos, 2007

Isla Todos Santos is a small group of two islets and outlying rocks extending in a northwesterly and southeasterly direction immediately in front of Todos Santos Bay, off Ensenada. It is 3 miles from (and in line with) Punta Banda, the cape at the southern side of the bay. A long line of detached rocks stretches from the point of the cape toward the largest islet, indicating they were once a part of the cape. Neither islet has fresh water.

  • The southernmost and largest islet is 1-¼ miles long and half a mile wide. At its north end is a low plateau. The south rises into rounded hills just over 300 feet high. The shoreline is rocky and precipitous, with cliffs rising from 20 to 200 feet high. The only landing is on the northeastern side.
  • The smaller islet lies northwest of the larger one, and is separated by a narrow channel. It is a low plateau, a continuation of the formation of the northern end of the larger islet. Its highest elevation is 55 feet above sea level, and it has a continuously precipitous shoreline.

is home to an abundance of marine life, birds, a rare endemic species of king snake, and 145 recorded plants. Islas Todos Santos is a pair of islands about 4 miles off the coast of Ensenada. Species such as Bergerocatus emoryi hang from the cliffs. One island buckwheat, Eriogonum grande var. testudinum is only found here.

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