Islay, Santa Cruz Island

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Islay, Santa Cruz Island [Sp. cherry canyon] (Campo Islay, Cañada Islay, Islay Canyon)

In the News~

October 26, 1916 [SCICo]: “The Islay and the General are being disced preparatory to replanting. We have been using the soil auger on these two fields and there is a lack of lime in both of them. If we could get 2 tons of ground limestone laid down at Santa Barbara for $3.00 a ton or less it would pay to apply it to these fields.”

April 17, 1917 [SCICo]: “The alfalfa of the General has been mowed and raked and we are now working on the Islay.”

March 6, 1918 [SCICo]: “Speaking of grain, we have surveyed and mapped the Domestic, Upper, General, Islay, European, Rialto, Selva and Valentino fields.”